The california firefighter behavioral health task force

The California Fire Service Task Force on Behavioral Health is a joint labor-management initiative committed to making emotional wellness and post-traumatic stress injuries a health and safety priority in the fire service.

Conceived in the fall of 2016, the mission of the California Fire Service Task Force on Behavioral Health is to collaborate, support, develop and implement firefighter behavioral health principles and best practices related to:

  • Building awareness about the mental and emotional effects of firefighting, and helping to end the stigma surrounding behavioral health issues;

  • Establishing and training peer support teams within fire departments, including an inter-departmental peer support network;

  • Establishing best practices addressing prevention, intervention and post-crisis strategies;

  • Recommending legislative action necessary to support firefighter behavioral health;

  • Establishing behavioral health injuries as a core occupational health and safety issue in the fire service.

Participating fire service entities: California Professional Firefighters, California Fire Chiefs Association, Cal-OES, California Firefighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee.

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The Behavioral Health Task Force is reaching out to fire departments and local unions to stand up together in support of behavioral wellness in the fire service.

CLICK HERE to download a statement of commitment for fire chiefs and local union presidents to sign.

It confirms their determination to do their part together to break the stigma surrounding firefighter emotional wellness and walk the path to healing our own.


IAFF Peer Support Training -- A comprehensive training protocol for IAFF members to train to be peer counselors. Experienced peers and clinicians provide intensive instruction on providing peer support and developing an effective peer support program. 

Counseling Team International -- Private service providing EAP, counseling and support services, including specialized services for firefighters and other first responders.